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Data Analysis with R for Agricultural Economists

An introduction to data science, programming and econometrics applied to problems in agricultural economics. Compulsory elective for Development Economics and Agricultural Economics MA students and PhD students. Prerequisites are graduate level econometrics and statistics

Microeconomics (German)

Microeconomic models in context of production and consumption; Introduction to the duality of production economics; Preferences, consumption, demand, duality, Slutzky relation. supply and demand; Market power (Monopoly, Monopsony).

Productivity and Efficiency Analysis

Adanced production theory and technologies (primal and dual, i.e. production functions, cost and profit functions, distance functions) and formal and mathematical description/notation of production problems productivity, efficiency concepts and frontiers.

Micro- and Welfareeconomics (German)

Introduction to quantitative analyses in microeconomic theory of consumption and production as well as the theory of price formation with incomplete competition.