Student feedback

Data Analysis with R

  • He is a great lecturer and teacher. I like a lot how the lecture is structured and the fact that it is very interactive. I learn a lot. Keep up the work!
  • Thank you so much! I could learn a lot.
  • The course was well structured with the main topics regarding analysis in agricultural economics. Moreover, the lecturers provide on time support and are always available to discuss further topics.
  • Very interesting course and overall very well done.
  • Very friendly lecturer, very helpful and enthusiastic. The lecture is well strucured and the basics of R well taught
  • Relevant topics and well explained. Helpful assistance at all times.
  • The class was very well structured and the professors were also very good. They were very helpful when you had any questions and helped you when you had any questions or problems with the code. Although we had to change to virtual mode in the middle of the course still they managed to keep teaching the lecture and were always open to the suggestions to improve the virtual classes.

Micro (German)

  • Klare, verständliche und ansprechende Wissensvermittlung.
  • Schöne Erstellung der Vorlesungsunterlagen zusammen mit dem Hörsaal
  • Praktische Erarbeitung des Stoffes
  • Anfertigung eigener Mitschriften, Übung und Vorlesung ergänzen sich sehr gut