Productivity and Efficiency Analysis


Level: Master
Taught at: University of Kiel
When: Every Summer term (2022)
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Course Content

Production theory and technologies (primal and dual, i.e. production functions, cost and profit functions, distance functions) - formal and mathematical description/notation of production problems productivity, efficiency concepts and frontiers introduction to empirical trade analysis based on contemporary equilibrium models gravity regressions with international trade data data, measurement, screening and evaluation relevant statistical concepts and software (e.g. R)

Learning Objectives

To enable students to conduct empirical analyses in the area of production and trade. Theoretical concepts and empirical methods will be applied by using real data in the agricultural and food sector as well as state-of-the-art statistical software. Students will be able to empirically investigate questions related to agricultural production and trade in the Agri-food Sector. The knowledge of such methodical skills is of essential import-ance for successfully working at national and international organisations and companies. In addition, the course aims to help students to prepare for potential methodological aspects of their MSc. Thesis.

Course Requirements

  • Term project (50%)
  • Exam (50%)